International Production Office

Maxanter Music Groups Production Office is divided in to three different divisions: 

National Jazz Productions

International Jazz Productions  

 Production of Business Events

National Jazz Productions

The National Jazz Productions department produces the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival  and the Leusden Jazz Festival.

The Amersfoort Jazz Festival is a festival by musicians, for musicians. That means we look after one another in all senses of the word, earning us the nickname ‘Musician’s Paradise’ over the years. Embracing that motto to the fullest means that a concert at Amersfoort World Jazz Festival is not just a gig, but an experience that adds value to a musician’s career long-term as well. Performers are encouraged to mingle during their stay in Amersfoort, to meet colleagues, enjoy the scenery, the city and other performances, and to network with journalists and other professionals and delegates.
Amersfoort Jazz Festival was founded in 1979, along with the opening of Flint, Amersfoort’s main pop music venue. Music lovers from all around the world have since enjoyed the city’s vibrant, historic city center lined with international jazz performances each May. These concerts, held both indoors and outside on the main squares of Amersfoort, serve a wide range of music lovers; from contemporary to experimental and from seasoned veterans to rising stars.

The Leusden Jazz Festival is held in September. This year celebrating their ninth year anniversary. The Leusden Jazz Festival is an one day festival with during the day a children’s program and during the evening a high end jazz program. Kids Jazz stimulates children to get involved with music, with an music market and an interactive program where children get on stage and participate. The evening program has inter- and national artists on stage with Trijntje Oosterhuis, Hans Dulfer, The Kungfu Jazz Orchestra and more.

International Jazz Productions

The international jazz production department produces the Samui Jazz Festival. 

The Samui Jazz Festival has its origin in the successful Samui Jazz Series, which first took place in 2009 and from then on once per month in different spots on the island – and we are happy to let continue the Jazz Series throughout the years.

Samui International Jazz Production worked out a special program for musicians to presents their music in Thailand. The goal is to facilitate the first phase in introducing new jazz bands to Thailand and connect the Thai Jazz scene to other jazz-networks on all levels.

Samui International Jazz Productions is giving these artists a platform, helps them to release their albums in Thailand and organizes their concert tour through the country.

Production of Business Events

The Business Production Department set the initiative for the JazzDay and JazzNL and organizes the masterclass Artistmanagement by the insititute for Music Management Education and Research.  

JazzNL strives to connect jazz networks worldwide and bring more discussions, dynamics and development to the global Jazz network. We provide for all participants the possibility to present upcoming artists. In cooperation with the International Jazz Festival Alliance Foundation and their international partners we present an extensive global talent development program. For artists with international potential JazzNL facilitates a four-day program with showcases for professionals, public and media performances, music blends and encounters with other (international) artists.

During the the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival, JazzNL hosts the World Jazz Conference and corresponding International Laureate Festival



The Jazz Day is the leading Dutch jazz network event.

This makes the Jazz Day an indispensable stage for all players from the Dutch jazz industry to meet, get to know and listen to each other, and to make valuable contacts.The daytime program, with its panels, workshops and presentations, closely follows the latest trends and developments and poses pressing matters the jazz industry is trying to cope with. It is mainly intended for professionals. The evening program is also open to the general public and offers a variety of showcase performances by exciting jazz artists and the final of the European Jazz Competition.

The Jazz Day conference program encompasses two days of discussion on developments and topics through panels, workshops and presentations. It is primarily aimed at professionals. A new item is the start of an ETEP program. ETEP is an initiative to promote the circulation of European artists at festivals and in the media throughout Europe.

Masterclass Artist Management

The institute for Music Management Education and Research (IMMER) aims at becoming a leading European knowledge center for music and artist management development. Through it’s network development it connects successful and internationally operating professionals in the music industry.

Together with these professionals and professional organizations as well as the Fontys University for professional education, the IMMER provides educational courses, discussion meetings, Q&A Sessions and publications. The central mission of IMMER is to stimulate improvements in the art of artist- and music management. All this from the perspective of the rapidly changing market structures.

IMMER is based in the Netherlands, but is prominently represented at all major European gatherings e.g. MIDEM, Popkomm, Noorderslag, Amsterdam Dance Event. 

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